Tuesday, September 27, 2011

V-Mac Elevating With Cayman Islands Tour

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

GEORGETOWN, GRAND CAYMAN… With barely a breather between concerts that had him island hopping in The Bahamas last week, one of The Bahamas’ youngest music moguls now finds himself in the Cayman Islands as he continues to show the region why he is nominated for both male vocalist of the year and song of the year in an American gospel music awards organization.

Yet despite the busy schedule, Vincent ‘V-Mac’ McDonald, Jr. says it’s a blessing to be able to combine his passion for media and music with his purpose for ministry with a two week tour in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

“I am ecstatic to be performing and doing motivational speaking in The Cayman Islands,” said V-Mac. “It’s my second time in the islands and I enjoy it. The atmosphere is relaxing and the people treat visitors as if they are family members. I really hold the Caymans in my heart because it reminds me so much of home.”

V-Mac is known in his native Bahamas as the CEO of a record, concert sound engineering and television production company. He is also the youngest Bahamian producer to have top rated shows on radio, the internet and television simultaneously nationally. Born with a defect that resulted in the loss of one eye and severe sight deficiency in the other, he has taken his story of inspiration and motivation across the Caribbean, United States and Canada.

“I live my life with the quote ‘I once was blind but now I see’,” said V-Mac. “That’s not just physically but spiritually as well. I want other people to understand the importance of having the scales removed from their eyes and to know how important it is, especially as a young person in these crazy tempting times, to know what it means to walk by faith not by sight.”

Fresh out of his own recording studios, his latest album Elevation is scoring him major success and recognition internationally. His first shot at winning awards this fall will be at the South Florida Gospel Music Awards which will come on the heels of his tour of Atlanta.

“I want Caymanians to remember me as someone who came to their territory and blessed their hearts with the great news of Christ,” said V-Mac when asked what he wants to leave in the islands. “I want them to remember me as someone that came and ministered to them in all, in the effort for change and to help them embrace their purpose.”

Caymanians will have the opportunity to see V-Mac at various venues throughout the island. For more information visit www.vmaconline.com