Monday, September 19, 2011

Islands of the World Fashion Week to be held twice annually.

Tribune Features Writer

AS PART of the goal to transform the Bahamas into a fashion capital all year round, Islands of the World Fashion Week will be turned into a bi-annual showcase.

The event will become known as "Islands of the World Fashion Showcase" (IWFS) and will be held in May and November every year.

"From its inception four years ago it was envisioned that the event would be held in both May and November. The constitution and rules of the event stated the dates which were scheduled into the international calendar of fashion weeks. The other stipulation is that the event must take place on an island. Consequently the Islands of the World Fashion Week tour was established last year to take the designs to other locations which were not island-based. The overall intent is to create multiple events throughout the year around which a viable industry can grow, rather than everything being concentrated on and in anticipation of the one event in November," said Owen Bethel president of Mode IIes.

Because of this significant change, designers can be more selective in the style of clothing to be presented at either event, whether it be swim wear, casual or couture, rather than presenting all styles in one show.

Mr Bethel said the show in May will be the only international event to focus this much on resort and vacation fashions.

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