Thursday, August 11, 2011

They Got Dance Fever!

Tribune Features Reporter

BAHAMIAN Dance crews took over Las Vegas as they represented their country at the 2011 World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

"When the crowd saw their performances, they felt the islands when they performed. They brought the Bahamas along with them, straight down to their outfits and the audience was really impressed with what they saw," Mr Wayne Chino Symonette, Bahamas Regional Director, told Tribune Entertainment.

Following the 2011 Bahamas Hip Hop dance competition here in the Bahamas, the crews "Swiffz" and "Juice Unit" impressed the judges and was qualified to be selected as the best teams to represent. "Those two crews are the two prominent crews here in the Bahamas," Mr Symonette said.

"Hip Hop International are the owners of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV and I have the license with Hip Hop International. I often host events for groups from the Bahamas to compete internationally. In order for a group to qualify on an international stage they must first qualify in their home country."

"Swiffz and Juice Unit were the two teams chosen, it was more like a performing arts show, more of a display, held at the Shirley street performing arts center."
He continued: " Swiffz traveled last year, they made history last year as the first crew from the Bahamas to compete at the 2010 champions and basically we were looking for another crew to send along with them."

Both crews showcased their very best dance styles and talent in Las Vegas to impress the judges. " This year the Bahamas, Juice Unit finished 14 place at the world hip hop dance championships, and that was out of 60 in that category.

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