Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High Interest For Bahamas at International Aviation Show

Bahamas takes spotlight with Partners US and Canada Government Officials in International Federal Pavilion

Oshkosh, WI – July 28, 2011 – Once again this year, The Islands Of The Bahamas partnering with border officials from the United States and Canada, is enjoying high visibility and exposure in the International Federal Pavilion (IFP), during the weeklong EAA AirVenture Aviation Show, Oshkosh, WI, July 24th-31st.

AirVenture is the largest aviation show in the world attracting top government officials, corporate leaders and hundreds of thousands of general aviation enthusiasts. It embraces the entire spectrum of aviation and this year is expecting some 20,000 aircraft on its fields, and well beyond the usual 500,000 aviation enthusiasts that attend the show annually. The aviation event includes daily air shows, Aerobatics and pyrotechnics Fly-In Theater. Forums, workshops, and demonstrations. This year’s Opening Day concert featured REO Speedwagon.

The IFP building at AirVenture, housines government officials for the three partner countries including The Bahamas. Once again this year the IFP is proving to be among the is busiest areas, with a sizeable percentage of show attendees visiting its aircraft displays and booths. The building is in the educational and informational section of the show, near the Conoco/Philips Plaza where all of the big show planes are located. Also a few yards away is the airfield where air shows take place throughout the day, and closer still is the display of the warbirds.

U.S. Federal Agencies include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and Air National Guard, Field Operations and Air and Marines, Customs and Border Protection Agency, FAA, and NOAA, along with Canadian Government departments in began participating together in 1990 at the EAA AirVenture and later came to be known as the International Federal Partnership. The Islands of The Bahamas with its Civil Aviation, and Customs departments joined the group in 2002.

Over the years the partnership has proven to be mutually rewarding for the countries. The Bahamas partnership with the U.S. provides pilots flying to The Bahamas a degree of comfort because of the information they receive on ADIZ crossing – The military has a factual flyer on ADIZ in the current Bahamas Pilots Guide. Pilots flying to The Bahamas also benefit from the countries partnership in regards to NOAA weather forecasting and the FAA who assist with educating pilots flying to The Bahamas on filing flight plans. The US Customs and Border Protection along with The Bahamas are currently working together to ensure that all pilots flying to The Bahamas are educated on eAPIS flight planning and securing the annual sticker.

IFP annually contracts with EAA for a massive 21, 000 square foot hanger - The International Federal Pavilion - and from this space the member countries with their various government agencies and departments, display exhibits as well as provide booths with information. At the end of this year’s show, The Bahamas’ own, Greg Rolle, will take over as chairman of this prestigious group.

This year, the Bahamas has raised the ante for exposure in the International Federal Pavilion. At the 2010 EAA show The Islands Of The Bahamas announced the opening of its air space to Light Sports Aircraft and therefore this year a LSA is being featured in The Bahamas booth. Bahamas LSA Flying Ambassador, Mike Zidziunas is on hand at the booth sharing his flying experiences to The Bahamas, and the ease, economic advantage and excitement. Hubert Adderley, Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation and , Anthony Dean representing Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers, are also present at the booth, providing procedural Information for flying to the Bahamas Islands. Senior Customs Officer, Raphael Whymss, is educating on arrival procedures

The Bahamas is also being represented at the show with a booth in one of the exhibiting
Hangers. Bahamas hotel and aviation partners assisting at the show include, Bahamas Preferred Gateway FBO’s Banyan Air Service and Sheltair Aviation. Grand Bahama Tourist Board, representing their member hotels and Out Island Hotels represented, Fernandez Bay, Cat Island; Stella Maris, Long Island; Small Hope Bay, Abaco and Cape Eleuthera.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s Aviation Department attends major shows such as EAA annually as a part of its marketing thrust against the General Aviation Market. Other Signature programs include Bahamas Preferred (FBO) Gateways, Bahamas Flying Ambassadors, and Bahamas Day. The inventive strategies being undertaken by the country’s aviation department, has thrust The Islands of The Bahamas into the spotlight of the International aviation arena.