Monday, August 8, 2011

Children in Motion

Tribune Features Reporter

BETTYJOE Cooper tells the stories of people, whether they be fantastical or based on true events.

Already a successful businesswoman and author of several children's stories, Ms. Cooper now presents a special sing-along calendar book titled "Children in Motion" which aims to teach youngsters about the different months and seasons. A mother of one, Ms Cooper said she wants to express her love for children everywhere.

To this end, the author joined forces with graphic design artist Jorge Pacheco to create a "perpetual calendar of happiness and song."

"Children in Motion", she said, is filled with colourful comic illustrations by Mr Pacheco, and "each month's page ends with a song for the whole family to sing together to the lively tunes of the audiobook version."

She said she wrote the book because she believes passionately in the value of family and the right of children to be happy.

"The things we learned when we were children made us what we are today.
"I hope my book will bring back memories of love, laughter and happy times for parents, and set their children on that path, too," she said.

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