Friday, March 25, 2011

Plati and the Naykid-I - New Music Video

Plati and the Naykid-I, a Bahamian band with a distinctly unique musical flair, releases the latest single “Weego” this Friday, March 25, 2011. This latest release, Weego, represents the act of swinging from one situation to the next on a rope or banyan vine. Banyan Vine is a metaphor for your personal life philosophy. It represents what gets you through life. If your philosophy not well developed, you will fail. You have to be prepared to change philosophy by changing vine/rope to get through life.

The video shows the artist Plati swinging into many different situations, which shows the change of life pattern. Plati swings into the life of the ghetto roadside philosopher Potcake and then to the culture lovers at Fish Fry. This hot, new music video features scenes in New Providence from Clifton Cay to Paradise Island.

Weego is the third release from the album “Dredrock Rising” which will be released this summer. DREDROCK is a brand new style of music created by Plati and the Naykid-I. It is an expression of the band taking Caribbean music and rocking it - making them a crossroad for all music.

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