Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Fools Come Out In New Political Comedy "The Cabinet"

The cast of political satire, The Cabinet flank director Ian Strachan and writer Ward Minnis (centre) as they get set to debut at the Dundas on April 1, 2011. Also pictured are actors Arthur Maycock, Sophia Smith, Matthew Wildgoose and Chigozie Ijeoma. (Photo by Telly Starz Summer)

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

Nassau, The Bahamas… With the word ‘election’ on the lips of nearly all Bahamians, t’is certainly the season for scandal and satire. Playwright Ward Minnis dishes up a double dose in his new play The Cabinet which aptly premiers on April Fool’s Day at the Dundas Center for Performing Arts.

“The play is hilariously scandalous,” Minnis says of his production. “And right now with election in the air and the rallies about to get into full swing, we thought it was the right time to give Bahamians a dose of comedy on something that they take so seriously.”

Dr. Ian Strachan, one of the most prolific Bahamian performers and writers takes his seat in the director’s chair again with The Cabinet and the trailer for the play, officially launched on Friday March 24 on Bahamas at Sunrise, gave Bahamians a taste of what to expect when it hits the stage.

“We know that anything Ian Strachan has his hands in when it comes to performing arts is worth checking out,” says Minnis. “He truly took my vision to the next level and the cast is just amazing. Originally, I planned to just write and produce but I couldn’t resist the return to the stage.”

Minnis plays Jerome Cartwright, one of several politicians with a few tricks up the sleeve. Other castmates include Arthur Maycock as Fenton Greene, Matthew Wildgoose as Kendrick Johnson, Chigozie Ijeoma as Reggie Moxey and Sophia Smith as Latoya Darling. According to Minnis, the play is set in the fictional Archipelago Islands and features the shenanigans of the nation’s two political parties, the FGP(Flamingo Party) and the PNR(Peas ‘N Rice).

“When keeping a campaign promise forces the leader of a small island nation out of office, he has to dig deep within himself and his extensive bag of dirty tricks to regain his post as prime minister,” Minnis reveals. “Sure there are a lot of real life inspirations within some of the characters and a lot of events in the play that seem to be ripped from the headlines. Even with the character of Darling, we see a woman in Parliament fighting for a Women’s Rights Bill. So no, none of the characters are named after current or former MP’s but you might see a characteristic or two that might make you wonder if you saw that in your on parliamentary representative. We also have another familiar face to the Bahamian stage coming out to make a surprise appearance as someone who is definitely a fixture in local politics or politricks, if you please. All in all, the objective is to give a good laugh and we feel that we will accomplish it.”

The T-rated comedy is running from April 1 to April 2 at the Dundas on Mackey Street. The premier performance also features a live performance from a Bahamian singer who permitted Minnis to use his song as a soundtrack. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-242-433-1028 or won on the group’s Facebook page. For more information visit

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