Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bahamian Actor Daniel Cooper Living the Dream

Daniel Cooper born in Nassau Bahamas and raised in New York City since turning 1yrs old. He was raised by both parents and has two brothers and one sister.

While growing up Daniel loved playing basketball, football and baseball. He really wanted to become the best athlete in all three sports as he played in tournaments and church activities. One day Daniel’s parents took their son to an audition for the 80's kids show Rompa Room. He then realized after getting the part in this t.v show he loved the acting world. Daniel was always a joyful, pleasant and had a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. Since growing up Daniel didn't know how to get back into this world of entertainment because of new responsibilities and work.

In 2007 Daniel quit his 5 year retail management job then two months later done some background work on set of Denzel Washington Film American Gangster. Since finishing that film he then moved on to do 30 more films. After doing so he then began to think I can write and make movies so he sat back wrote his first full length movie and a few shorts within a year.

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