Friday, August 10, 2007

James Catalyn

James Julius Catalyn, Bahamian Playwright,
Author, Poet, Satirist, Dialectologist, Lecturer, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director, Adjudicator, Compere, Town Crier and Lyricist.

James was born 6th January,1940 on East Shirley Street, opposite Ebeneezer Methodist Church,The Pond Area,
St. Matthew's Parish, Nassau Bahamas.

He is the fourth of four children born to Theresa Elizabeth Major, formerly of Roses, Long Island.

He is always very busy organising projects and major productions all over the Bahamas.


I am a Bahamian!
My colour does not matter to me
It should not matter to you
I make no apology.
I am proud of my colour
I am proud of the way I look
I am proud of me.

I am Bahamian

It is of no concern to me
That my father was born in another land
I was born Bahamian
I need not look elsewhere
For my heritage
No one is looking to me for theirs
No one is climing me as "Brother Man"
Unless for dubbious reasons.

I claim no one
But my Bahamian brothers
I know of no other roots
But my Bahamian roots
And I am proud.

I do not wish to run
From my country
To identify with another culture
Nor let others force
Their beliefs on me.

I am not African
I am not European
I am not black
I am not white
I am me! I am Bahamian!

I was born Bahamian
I have a right to be Bahamian
And I will die for the right
To remain, Bahamian!

james j. catalyn (C) 26/3/92

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